Since Colmar aerodrome is located only a few kilometres away from the first foothills of the Vosges mountain range, the Colmar gliders benefit from excellent aerological conditions. The relief promotes the formation of the correct thermal conditions and, thanks to the Vosges mountains, a dominant Western wind produces a wave phenomenon which allows the keenest pilots to glide even in winter.

When aerological conditions allow, the Colmar gliders often glide over circuits of 300 kilometres. The local conditions also make it possible on occasion to glide over circuits of 500 kilometres.

As a voluntary association, the CICVVA is a centre which is run entirely by volunteers. For this reason, the centre does not run to a strict opening timetable during the week. This in turn means that the operating costs are reduced, so that the activity is therefore more affordable and thus more accessible.

Nevertheless, the devotion and availability of the volunteers at the centre means that it is always open at weekends and on bank holidays, often open during school holidays, and sometimes open during the week.

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