General AD operating conditions

Possible IFR operations

AD reserved to radio-equipped ACFT

AD prohibited to ULM and PUL

Unpaved RWY reserved for gliders and towing ACFT. Use of this RWY possible with CTL PPR outside gliders activity. WDI located in the Westunpaved RWY gives information for gliding.

Procedures and special instructions

Taxiing prohibited except on RWY and TWY

Paved RWY 19, backtrack the RWY (unless otherwise instructed) in order to use the MAX TKOF distance to avoid overflying COLMAR.

Low height traffic circuits: PPR HOUSSEN TWR
- West circuits: minimum height 300 ft AAL
- East circuits: minimum height 500 ft AAL

Preferred QFU: 191, due to IFR procedure.

IFR training prohibited out Hor ATS

AD equipement

STAP and PLC usable on PPR before 1600 the last working day by FAX: 03 89 41 46 82

STAP: available data FR 03 89 20 22 98 : wind, T, DP, QNH, QFE

Special activities

PJE (NR 221) SR-SS, FL 140. Out HOR ATS HOUSSEN TWR, activity announced by towing ACFT on 119.0. During activation TMA 3 and 5COLMAR MEYENHEIM: PPR COLMAR APP 118.95 above 4100 ft AMSL

Out activity COLMAR MEYENHEIM: above FL 115, PPR BALE APP 119.35 and REIMS ACC 128.3.